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Winners are Grinners. Steve, the score and an interesting scoreboard.

Congratulations to Steve Matheson, the 2017 Minor Singles Champion, with his win in the finals this afternoon (Sunday 26th March). Steve played a double header. In the morning he went up against Chris Thornton in the second semi final, winning that game 31 to 11. In the final, he played Paul Webster, winning 31 to 20. Steve is the consumate draw bowler and in both matches he played consistent precision bowls. Again, congrats to Steve and commiserations to Chris and Paul.


Congrats to Jack Lewis (skip) Callum Murray (second) and Bryce Stewart (lead) who, in defeating Kempsey RSL 25 to 20 today at Kempsey Heights BC, won through to theState/Zone 14 Triples Championship final. This was the Southern section (of Zone 14) win and is a great achievement by the boys. Well done.


A full list of the Zone 14 Pennant Results from Round 4 and the current Progressive Scores can be found here

In Summary

The Ones won


The Twos won 9 - 1

and are now equal first in their Section


The Threes won 10 - 0

and are now second in their Section


The Fours lost 0 - 10 

and are now second in their section


The Fives won 8 - 2 

and are now first in their section


The Sixes lost 1 - 9

and are at the bottom of their section


The Sevens won 9 - 1

are at the top of their section

'Nuff Said about Round 3 Pennant


MEN'S PENNANT 2017 up and running

It is that time of the year again and with seven sides across seven grades Port City took to a variety of paddocks and the boys had some great results. The 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5', and 7's all had wins. Well done. Commisserations to the 6's who worked hard but came second on the day.

The 2017 season is structured differently from last year. The Grade 1's play 10 games compared to the 14 played last year. Their competition, although in sections, is organised at state level. Grades 2 through 7 are run by Zone 14. The Zone's 24 pennant playing clubs are organised into 3 Sections.. Port City competes in Sections 2 & 3. Last year, there were 10 rounds with the winners of the Northern and Southern sections playing off for the Zone Pennant. In 2017, there are 6 rounds. Each section by grade has 4 Club sides playing each other twice over 6 rounds. The top two club sides from each section play off for the coverted Zone Pennant flag over an additional 3 rounds of finals. With only 6 rounds to make the finals, winning each and every round is highly recommended for any side wanting to pick up a pennant flag in 2017.


the above photo and article are from The Zone 14 website - Ken Errington (was the scribe and phtotgrapher)




Eventually got a photo of our 2017 Men's Fours Champions. Again congrats to Greg Keft, Danny Barrett, Greg Brims and Ken Paulsen.



It is on. The representative season kicks off with the the NSW State Zone 14 Fours Southern Section being played at Port City, with the first round on Saturday 18/2/17 at 1pm. The Port City sides are:

M. Bayes – P. Barry – G. Hargreaves – T. Kelly

P. Jacobsen – G. Keft – P. Baker – B. Anderson

P. Webster - N. Horton  – D. Ramsay – B. Knight

J. Hrabak – B. Stewart – C. Murray – J. Lewis

K. Paulsen – M. Parry – D. Barrett – G. Brims

The second round games are on Sunday 10/2/17 at 9am.

The NSW State Triples Southern Section first round is to  be played at Kempsey Heights on 5/3/17 at 9am. The Port City teams are:

J. Hrabak – P. Baker – B. Anderson.

G. Keft – G. Brims – D. Barrett.

B. Stewart – C. Murray – J. Lewis

The Zone 14 Dooker- Eggert trials are at Kempsey Heights on 12th March at 8.30 am. The Port City players selected in the Open section are J. Hrabak, G. Keft, P. Baker, G. Brims, P. Jacobsen and J. Lewis. Whilst in the over 60’s section we have I. Binder, B. Anderson, K. Paulsen, D. Ramsay and B. Stewart.

Good bowling and a share of the luck to all of our players.



The 2016 Men's Bowling Club Presentation Day was held last Saturday first with a "game" then celebrations inside. The day was a huge success. The nominated award winners are listed directly below followed by the Championship winners and runners up.

Encouragement Award - Mark Husband.

Consistency Bowler, Grades 4-7 - Les Scholz.

Consistency bowler,  Grades 1-4 Greg Keft.

Most Improved player,  Grades 4-7 Eddie Smith

Most Improved player Grades 1-4, Callum Murray

Representative player of the year. Jack Lewis.

President’s Award – Terry ( Rivers) Murray.

Clubman of the Year – Terry Schollum.

Bowler of the year – Callum Murray. 

Congrats to all our winners.


Last Tuesday saw the Women's Bowling Club hold their annual Christmas Party and Concert. Pictures can be viewed here. The event also saw $800 being raised for later presentation to the Salvos. 

President Deb and Barbara Standen with the cheque.







Congratulations to Kylie Hardy and Phil Baker the Mixed Pairs Champions for 2016 defeating Joey Judge and Betty Hodgson 22 to 14 in the final this afternoon (Sat.29th Oct). Although comfortable winners, Phil and Kylie were never able to be complacent; Joey and Betty kept them honest throughout the match. Phil and Kylie had defeated John Hrabak and Pat Light in the morning semi final. 


Congratulations to Eddie Smith and Don Ramsay in defeating Steve Matheson and Paul Jacobson to take out the Mens Minor Pairs Championship 25 to 20 in a close game. Steve and Paul lead for most of the first half of the game until Eddie and Don picked up 2 fours in consecutive ends to take and hold the lead. A serious come back late in the match by Steve and Paul made the last end a real nailbiter.

Note: Callum Murray withdraw from the match due to work commitments with Paul subbing in for him.


Our boys, John Hrabak, Phil Baker, Ken Paulsen, Danny Barrett, Bryce Stewart and Jack Little, represented our Club at the State Championships last weekend making the Semis in the Fours and the Quarter Finals in the Triples - a very commendable effort. Read the full story here.



Congratulations to our Port City ladies (Barbara Standen, Lyn Zahra, Di Allen, Carol White) in winning the recent South Tamworth Classic Fours 2016. It was big; 24 teams playing 5 games over 2 days. Of course, they were the only team to win 5 games against very strong competition. Go the girls.


Congratulations to our upcoming Junior, John Page who placed 4th in the Ballina Junior Singles last weekend.


Corey Dayey won the 2016 Zone 14 Champion of Champions Singles defeating Phil Baker 31 to 11 at Port City today (Saturday 24th Sept).

Corey dominated throughout the match. Congratulations to Corey on a classy display of bowling and we wish him well when plays in the State finals in Wagga in November. 

Congrats to Phil in making it to the Zone final. Although showing flashes of his considerable bowling skill set, he just didn't have a good day on the paddock.

For a full description of the final and other photos click here.

Corey Dayey won the 2016 Zone 14 Champion of Champions Singles defeating Phil Baker 31 to 11 at Port City today (Saturday 24th Sept). Corey dominated throughout the match. Congratulations to Corey on a classy display of bowling and we wish him well when plays in the State finals in Wagga in November. For a full description of the final and other photos click here.


Good bowling and a fair share of the luck to Phil Baker, who this Saturday (24th Sept), faces off against Corey Daley (Park Beach) in the final of the Zone 14 Champion of Champions Singles competition. Venue: Port City at 10:30am.


Last week...

Congratulations to Phil Baker, who today (Sunday, 18th Sept) won the Southern section of the Zone 14 Champion of Champions Singles competition at Hibbard.

In the quarters, Phil defeated Peter Stockham (Westport) 31 to 26. In the semis he defeated D Gemmel (Kew 31 to 26 and in the final, he defeated Greg Brims (North Haven) 31 to 22.

A great weekend for Phil. The Club is proud of his success and wish him well in the Zone Final next weekend.


The 2016 Out of the Hat Fours was played on Monday 12th September and a great day was had by all. Photos below.



Congratulations to the 2016 Port City Men's Major Singles Champion, Phil Baker who, this afternoon (Sun. 14th Aug), defeated a courageous Callum Murray, 31 - 27, on a fast and, at times, unforgiving green.

The final was a three and a half hour marathon exhibition with big plays by both players. Let's go back to the morning's semi finals. Phil defeated Jack Lewis and Callum narrowly defeated Danny Barrett. The stage was now set for a great final between the very successful Callum (2016 Minor Singles Champion, Major Pairs Champion, Triples Champion and Fours Champion - not a shabby 2016 season for young Callum) up against the defending Singles Champion, Phil Baker.

The first end saw Callum take 4 off Phil. I don't have the card so can't tell you the ends but Phil first took the lead at 16- 15. Callum, then, took a 4 off Phil in the next end, then another 4 on the next to show he liked being in front. Phil clawed his way back and the lead changed hands regularly until Phil got ahead 28 - 27, then 30 - 27 and finally 31 - 17. A highlight for me were Callum's drives, he either took Phil out or killed the head on any number of occasions. The jack itself ended up with two deep gourges after Callum drove it into the Greenies' roll-a-door. Commiserations to Callum, he displayed great skill, determination and good gamesmanship throughout the day. Well done, mate.

Let's not forget Phil. He was defending his title against an opponent with nothing to lose and much to gain. There were a number of times in the game when a lesser player would have buckled under the pressure. Credit to him, Phil didn't and finished the match playing some massive bowls.

The big crowd, in the clubhouse and around the paddock, certainly appreciated the quality game.


The 2016 Zone 14 Championships were held at Lake Cathie today with PortCity fielding sides in 4 of the 7 events.

Congratulations go to our Open 4's and Open Triples sides who are now Zone 14 Champions. Commiserations to Don Ramsay and Nathan Horton who were defeated by Scotts Head (25 to 16) in the Presidents Reserve Pairs. The boys played well and were in the game right to the last few ends. Our Senior Pairs, Ken Paulsen and Bryce Stewart went done to Sawtell. Bryce and Ken are a class act but the Sawtell boys were just too good on the day.

2016 Zone 14 Open Triples Champions

Kevin Williams (Zone 14 Bowls Organiser), Jack Lewis, Phil Baker & Danny Barrett

Our Triples side defeated Urunga 31 to 23 in a much tougher match than the score indicates. Both sides had their chances but our boys ran with theirs. Congratulations to Jack, Phil and Danny on their Zone Championship win.

2016 Zone 14 Open Fours Champions

John Hrabak, Danny Barrett, Ken Paulsen, (Bryce Stewart) and Chris Stone (Zone 14 Rep)

The Port City Fours defeated Park Beach comfortably 24 - 11 on a fast green with a strong sou-easterly tailwind. The boys deserved their win and the Zone 14 Championship which comes with it.

Both Sides, Fours and Triples, are now off to State, at a guess, Ettalong, later in the year - and we wish them well.





A 10 point win over Lismore Heights sees the Pennant Hills side progress into the Grade 5 semi finals tomorrow. Port City's loss today (1 rink win to Eddie Smiths team) brought our points to 19 and equal second place with Campbelltown City.

Commiserations to our boys who played brialliantly yesterday and, despite a valiant comeback in today's game, were unable to clinch a semi final berth.

Not making it into the finals series would be a disappointment to the boys. However, the successes they have had in the journey to, and in, the State Pennant competition is one they should be proud of. So too is our Club. Well done boys.


What has happened since?

Pennant Hills progressed to the semi finals in our section. They were defeated by Engadine 62 to 52 on Sunday afternoon. In the other semi, Windale Gateshead went down to Towradgi Park (a club north of Wollongong)  49 to 79. The final, between Engadine and Towradgi Park is to be played Monday morning.


Game 3 (qualifying round)

Port City was defeated by Campbelltown City 44 to 57 (1 to 2 rink wins)

after 63 of 63 ends Port City 44 Campbelltown City 57

after 57 of 63 ends Port City 35 Campbelltown City 55

after 54 of 63 ends Port City 29 Campbelltown City 51

after 46 of 63 ends Port City 20 Campbelltown City 44

after 32 of 63 ends Port City 13 Campbelltown City 32

after 26 of 63 ends Port City 11 Campbelltown City 26

after 16 of 63 ends Port City 8 Campbelltown City 15

after 13 of 63 ends Port City 8 Campbelltown City 12

 The Grade 5 Section 1 Ladder after Game 2



Game 2 - Port City defeated Pennant Hills 73 to 63 

8 points (aggregrate + 1 rink win) - a gutsy effort by the Mighty Fives

 after 63/63 ends Port City 73 Pennant Hills 63

 after 62/63 ends Port City 73 Pennant Hills 61

 after 53/63 ends Port City 57 Pennant Hills 54

 after 53/63 ends Port City 57 Pennant Hills 54

 after 46/63 ends Port City 50 Pennant Hills 45

 after 33/63 ends Port City 42 Pennant Hills 31

Game 1 - Port City defeated Lismore Heights - 82 to 48

10 points - (aggregrate + 3 rink wins)


 after 61/63 ends Port City 77 Lismore Heights 48

 after 40/63 ends Port City 53 Lismore Heights 27

 after 22/63 ends Port City 36 Lismore Heights 13

 after 14/63 ends Port City 15 Lismore Heights 6




At Region...

Faye Schollum, Lois Bischel, Carol White, Lyne Thompson the 2016 Regional Open Fours Champions


... and don't they look happy. Di Allen, Lyn Zahra, Shirley Devine & Margaret Doyle display their Medals after winning the 2016 Regional Senior Fours

And back at home...

Jeanice Schiemer, Barbara Standen, Val Bott & Rhonda Evans are our 2016 Club Fours Champions after defeating 

defeating Margaret Doyle (Skip) Lyn Zahra, Di Allen, Shirley Devine 17-13 last Saturday (9th July).



Congratulations to Don Ramsay (Skip) and Nathan Horton (Lead) in winning the final of the Zone 14 Presidents Reserve Pairs, Southern Section, on grass at North Haven today (Sunday, 10th July). Nathan and Don started the day with a strong win in their semi finals match up against T Lee & J Armstrong (Kempsey Heights) 26 to 14. They then steamrolled Russell Carkeek and Paul Webster (Port City)  32 - 5 in the afternoon's final. Russell and Paul had narrowly defeated Chris Connor and Kevin Kennedy (Kempsey RSL) in the morning session 19 - 18. Nathan and Don played brilliantly all day and their match up against the Northern section winners, John Kay and Dale Schrivener (Scotts Head), in the Zone final at Lake Cathie on Saturday, 13th August should be an epic clash. 

Zone Triples

Congratulations to Jack Lewis, Phil Baker and Danny Barrett (above, left to right) in winning the final of the southern section of the 2016 Zone 14 Triples over North Haven 28 to 26 last weekend (July 1 & 2). The match went down to the wire with both sides on 26 all going into the final end. Some Barrett magic gave the match to Port City. The boys now meet Urunga in the Zone final to be held at Lake Cathie on the 13th August.



The annual Port Macquarie Mixed Pairs Tournament commenced Friday (25th June) with 88 teams spread across 3 venues (Hibbard Sports, Westport and Port City) playing 5 games of 18 ends each. It was a great, if a little chilly at times, tournament - congrats to the winners (can't tell you who as the presentation is still on - check the results below for a sneak peak), all the competitors and the organisers at the various venues - Terry, Phil, Dave & Ron.

Click here for the final (progressive) results and the scores for the 5th game

2016 6's and 7's TOURNAMENT

Day 3: Well, the weather didn't permit. Day 3 was called off, definitely not through lack of interest but by pesky weather. The presentations were made based on the Day 2 results. Click here for the top 6 teams and the Day 1 & Day 2 best card winners. A big thanks to the Men's Club for the catering and to our bowls coordinator, Phil Baker, for his efforts in making the tournament a success. 

Day 2 Update:

Whilst the Australia Open is on up there in Queensland, the smartest bowlers are fighting it out down here at the Port Macquarie Bowling Club for big prizemoney. 46 teams, from across the state, are competing for just short, well, well short of a million dollars prizemoney and big bragging rights.

At the end of day 2, only two teams, have 6 wins from 6 games. With another 7 teams breathing down their necks with 5 wins apiece (one even has a draw tucked away). Tomorrow's remaining 2 games, weather permitting, should prove an interesting morning for those at the pointy end of the competition. Whilst at the wide end, there will be talk of trails of rotten bad luck, missed opportunities and the chance for another crack at the big money in 2017.

Click here for the results from day 2 and the progressive results.


Farewell to ABBA

The Australian Blind Bowlers Association (ABBA) has been operating for over 30 years and exists to promote the game of lawn bowls through National and International competition.

Port City Bowling Club was the proud to host to ABBA's 2016 National Championships which concluded with the medal presentation dinner last night (9/6/2016). The tournament saw 7 days of intense competition (plus 2 days of no play due to bad weather of the Saturday and Sunday). Fortunately rescheduling (a big effort by Bearnice) saw all medal events successfully completed by the Thursday evening. From all accounts, the bowlers, their directors, supporters, club patrons (who were privileged to watch some fantastic and inspirational bowling) and club staff, all had an great 9 days.

A big WELL DONE to Phil Baker for his organisational skills, the many Port City players who did marking duties for the singles events, the Men's Club for lunch time catering (Terry Schollum and friends) and the Club staff who made the Tournament a friendly, safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Click here for the Results by Event 

Click here for the Medal Winners


Winners are Grinners (L to R) Bruce Chapman, Paul Brady, Trevor Scholz, Nathan Horton, Russell Carkeek, John Twidle, Matty Bayes, young Maureen Scholz, Dave Pascoe, AJ Uptin, Eddie Smith, Terry Schollum, Phil Smith


The mighty Grade 5 side took off the inaugural Zone 14 Grade 5 Pennant at Kew Bowling Club this afternoon defeating a gallant Sawtell 54 to 50.

The scoreboard - we were on top [grin]

The game came down to the wire. Both sides had a firm grip on the match at different stages throughout the afternoon. But with 40 minutes to go, Port City supporters were looking grim. Someone forgot to tell our players. They made up the 11 point difference across all three teams and Paul Brady's team had the honour (and no small amount of pressure) of going into the last end with 3 shots up on the board. The Sawtell skip then had an opportunity to drag the jack back for a four and missed the shot with his last bowl; Port City took the end by 1 shot and the side won by 4.

Congrats to the Sawtell boys; they played well and made it a great contest. Our boys, well, they were magnificent. Oh, and the trophy...

Maureen Scholz & Paul Brady with a new wall mounting.



Congratulations to Kylie Hardy and Jeanice Schiemer who defeated Faye Schlolum and Lyn Zahra in a tight game -

the result 14 to 13.



A big day last week for the Women's Bowling Club with the unfurling of, not one but two, 2016 Pennant Flags by our No.3 and No.5 teams. Well done girls




Congratulations to Carol White on winning the 2016 Women's Singles Championship over Debbie Amor. The picture and quote below say it all.


read and weep - I did


Congrats to Bryce, Geoff, Ken and Eric in their selection into the Zone 14 Senior Inter Zone Championship's side. Well done and good luck in your upcoming games.


The Men's Triples Champions for 2016 are Callum Murray, Jack Lewis and Danny Barrett. The "boys" defeated Eric Rowsell, Peter Gunn and Mike Rand 27-15 in the final on Sunday (6th March). Sorry no photos as yet. Danny & Callum have both shared in 2 of the Majors (Triples and Fours) - well done.

CALLUM MURRAY - 2016 Minor Singles Champion 

Callum Murray & Peter Ascott Evans 

Congratulations to Callum Murray, who last evening (3rd March) won the final of the Men's 2016 Minor Singles Championship 31-17 against Peter Ascott Evans.

Callum dominated play from the beginning of the match showing determination and consistently accurate, high quality, draw bowling. Peter, who deserved his place in the final, played well but was unable to put sufficient pressure on Callum to disrupt his focus.

Commisserations to Peter and a big well done to Callum. We wish both players continuing success throughout 2016.

Thanks to Greg Keft for the photo


It doesn't get any better or closer than the 2016 Men's Fours Championship final.

Danny Barrett's Team (Danny, Bryce Stewart, John Hrabak and Callum Murray) defeated

Paul Sheridan's Team (Garry MacFarlane, Ross, Paul & Greg Laird) 18 to 16; with it being 16 all, going into the last end. This was before a large, appreciative crowd (who spend most of the match watching from air conditioned comfort).

Congrats to the Champions and commisserations to the "Oh! So close", silver medalists.

Thanks to Phil Baker for the photos


Presentation day was held on Saturday 12th. What a great day it was too. A number of special awards were handed out.

Most Improved: Steve Matheson & Matty Bayes

Consistency: John Davies & Geoff Mitchell

Encouragement: Olly Cook

Rep Player of the year: Ken Paulsen

Clubman of the year: Marty Wallis

President’s award: Joe Judge

Sorry our cameraman hasn't come through with the photos as yet.


Thanks to Barbara Standen (WBC Publicity Officer AND State Club Challenge Mixed Bronze Division Runner Up)


Congratulations to the Mixed Champions for 2015 and commisserations to the runners up.

Mixed Pairs


Mark (Lazarus) Parry and Margaret Doyle (subbing for Shirley Devine) had to work extremely hard to take out the 2015 Mixed Pairs over Pat Light and John Hrabak. Mark and Margaret appeared "done & dusted" before a massive comeback got them over for a championship win (check out the grin on Mark's face).

Mixed Fours

Lazarus was back again in the Mixed Fours. Teaming up with Rhonda Evans, Lyn Zahra and Charlie Buchanan, Mark skipped his team to a comfortable win over runners up Jan Opitz, Eveline Ramsay, Steve Mathieson and Phil Smith to take out the 2015 Mixed Fours Championship. Phil's team did not disgrace themselves in any way. Although never leading in the match, they fought their way back on a number of occasions to keep Mark's team honest. 

Special mention goes to Rhonda Evans winning her first ever Championship. On all accounts, she played very well throughout the "series" and is destined for greatness in the years ahead.


President Debbie welcomed 80 bowlers from Lake Cathie, North Haven, Hibbards Sports, Taree Railway, Foster, Tuncurry, South West Rocks, Uranga, Coffs CEX, Harrington, Park Beach, Sawtell and Port City to compete in the John Oxley Motors Encouragement Day.

The competition was played in beautiful sunshine, fast greens, lots of laughter, and plenty of smiling faces.

AM  WINNERS:        South West Rocks – Mary Cass, Trish Tomsett, Liz Walker, Roe Martin

PM  WINNERS:        Forster – Lynn Combe, Joan Whiteside, Elsie O’Malley, Penny Collins

4TH PLACE:               Port City – Kylie Hardy, Lyn Robertson, Jan Opitz, Barbara Standen

3rd PLACE:                Urunga – Shirley Willis, Janine Brown, Elaine Cameron, Brenda Fane

2nd PLACE:               Lake Cathie – Rhonda Bateman, Jill Howard, Marion Kelly, Di Spinks

1st PLACE:                Tuncurry Beach – Di Boddington, Sue Baldwin, Trish Wilson, Liz Gray.

for more photos see the Weekly Report Section


What a game. Fours hours of intense concentration, good sportsmanship and great bowling from all four players.

However, there can only be one winning team. Congratulations to Callum Murray and Greg Keft who defeated Keith Ashdown and Mark Parry, 24 to 17 to take the 2015 Major Minor Pairs Championship.

The score doesn't reflect the competition. Although Keith and Mark trailed for much of the match there was very little it.

Commisserations to Keith & Mark, you both played well. Congrats to Callum and Greg on a great victory.


L/R Greg, Callum, Mark and Keith

Photo courtesy of "The Big Man"



It was a cracker event. Young "Johnny Jax" Hrabak had a win over Paul Jacobson in the shoot out final to take our first Open Singles title and make off with the booty. The general consensus was the event was a great success - hopefully the first of many.

Phil Baker, the Port City Bowls Coordinator, is offering A new and exciting bowls event for those who love to play singles. The Open Singles tournament is to be monthly event scheduled for the 4th Monday of each month. The event is open to men and women and with $400 in prize money, the inaugural event scheduled for Monday 26th October, should be a cracker. The entry form with all the details is available below.



Last Monday & Tuesday (21st & 22nd Sept.) saw 18 teams compete in the annual Versatility Fives competition. The weather was kind on the Monday and the Tuesday morning. However, the post lunch session on Tuesday was delayed by driving rain and hail. Fortunately the hail had melted before played could begin but little could be done about the howling, "fresh" gale that made play somewhat difficult. Irrespective a good time was had by all and some excellent bowls played.

The place getters were:


 1st Place - Tuncurry – Judy Cosgrove, Sonia Sontag, Val Leeson, Liz Gray, Pat Murray

2nd Place – Port City – Jenny Wallis, Carol Banks, Rhonda Evans, Barbara Standen, Lyn Zhara

3rd Place – Port City – Barbara Barrett, Di Allen, Faye Schollum, Joyce Ebbeck, Judy Brady

Photos of all place getters and session winners can be found here 

Thanks to Barbara Standen for the photos.

The WBC Weekly Newsletter, which includes more detail on the event, can be viewed here


 L/R Phil Baker & John Hrabak

Congratulations to Phil Baker, the Port City Men's Singles Champion for 2015.

Before a large appreciative crowd and on a slower paddock then we have been used to over the past few weeks, Phil and John Hrabak put on a display of precision bowling. With John having the opportunity to take the match with his last bowl, the epic battle went down to the wire. Phil won 31 to 29. Commisserations to John, he proved himself a worthy contender. Congratulations again to Phil who played excellent bowls all morning. 

This brings Phil's championship scalps to 2 this year; a win in the Major Pairs Championship with Greg Keft and this Major Singles Title - well done.

Photo courtesy of Brian Smith


Congratulations to Bryce Stewart and Chris Thornton who today (Saturday, 15th August) won the Zone Senior Pairs Championship at South West Rocks. Chris (who was subbing for Ken Paulsen) and Bryce did it tough for the first half of the match but worked their way back into the match and of course won through in the end - 22 to 14. Bryce and Ken are now off to State, in Sydney, at a date yet to be confirmed - and of course we wish them well. Well done Chris Thornton, Ken's were big shoes to fill, and he did an excellent job.

Commisserations to Paul Webster in the Presidents Reserve Singles who was defeated 31 to 26 by Dale Scrivener (Scotts Head). Paul played well but was beaten by a better player on the day.


Follow up to the follow up:

Taren Point proved too strong for South Lismore winning 67 to 52 in the Grade 1 State Pennant Final

 Follow up: South Lismore won their semi defeating Merrylands 61 to 45.

They play Taren Point in the final tomorrow (Monday) morning

 Another Facebook post by Ken Paulsen pretty well sums it up.

Official Results - Section 1

Round 3 - Sunday, 2nd August morning game

Port City defeated St Johns Park 57 to 54 


Our Section table finished up as this

Congrats to the boys not only for today's win but for their efforts over the three games - two wins and an oh! so close 1 point loss to South Lismore. Despite two wins, it all came down to margins and Port City didn't have the runs on the board to get over the line and into the semis.

Port City's win, over St Johns this morning though, was enough to get South Lismore over the line by 1 margin point and into the Semi Finals this afternoon.

 Round 2 - Saturday, 1st August afternoon game

Ken Paulsen posted the following to Facebook last night

Port City 64 defeated Tuncurry 58 

St Johns Park defeated South Lismore 62 to 55 (Final score)


South Lismore & St Johns Park 54-54 after 60 ends

This is a nail biter. If St Johns beat South Lismore and we beat St Johns in Round 3 - we still have a chance to progress when we play St Johns tomorrow - but it will require a big win

St Johns Park 41 v South Lismore 42 after 47 ends


Round 1 - Saturday, 1st Aug morning game

Port City went down to South Lismore 58 - 59

St Johns Park defeated Tuncurry 77 - 37


The time has come - at last...

Our Port City No. 1 Pennant team, manager Pauline Barnes and supporters headed off to parts further south for a roll up this afternoon and the first, of hopefully, five games this weekend in beautiful downtown Dapto.

We wish them the opportunity to play at their best against the best in the State and an equal share of any luck which seems to pop up in every match.

Go the Koalas...

There are 4 sections to the State Finals draw. Port City is in Section 1 - along with ST. Johns Park (Zone 12), South Lismore (Zone 1) and Tuncurry (Zone 6).


Last Saturday, July 25th, saw our finalists decided for the final - currently carded for the 16th August.

Phil Baker defeated Greg Brims - 31 to 23

John Hrabak defeated Craig Ainsworth - 31 to 29

The final should be a cracker.

The Lower North Coast Pairs and Singles Championships have been run and completed over the past few weekends.


2015 Lower North Coast Open Pairs Championship

Rocky Davis and Cliff Fay (North Haven) defeated Rocky Stone and Scott Franklin (Kempsey RSL) 22 – 19 in the final.

Eric Rowsell & Greg Brims (Port City) made it to the quarter finals


2015 Lower North Coast Senior Pairs Championship

Ken Paulsen and Bryce Stewart (Port City) defeated Greg Laird & Geoff Ball (Port City) 27 – 12 in the final.

John Rossiter & Peter Gunn (Port City) made it to the quarter finals


2015 Lower North Coast Presidents Reserve Pairs Championship

Daniel Abela and Terry Batterson (Kempsey RSL) defeated Nathan Horton & Don Ramsay (Port City) 28 – 9 in the final.



2015 Lower North Coast Open Singles Championship

Craig Howard (Kempsey Heights) won the defeating Peter Stockham (Westport) 31 – 21 in the final. 

John Hrabak (Port City) made it to the quarter finals.


2015 Lower North Coast Senior Singles Championship.

Barrie Isaac (Kew) defeated Bill O’Donnell (Kew) 31 – 30 in the final

Geoff Mitchell (Port City) made it to the semi-finals.


2015 Lower North Coast Presidents Reserve Singles Championship.

Paul Webster (Port City) defeated Neil McCudden (Kempsey RSL) 31 to 23 in the final.

Russell Carkeek (Port City) made it to the quarter finals and Don Ramsay (Port City) made it to the semi-finals.

The Men’s Club wish Ken, Bryce and Paul good luck when they compete in their respective and upcoming Zone Championship events.



All over bar the shouting... and the winners are...

Con Vlastaras & Peter McDonald from South Coogee  - the only team with 5 wins from 5 games - a great effort and deserved congratulations.

The prize winners are here

The final results are here

My tip for the game of the day proved correct. The match between Bryce and Barry proved costly for Bryce and his partner Ken Paulsen. They drew with Barry & Eric Rowsell 18 all. That draw was enought to relegate Bryce and Ken to third place.

and that's bowls


There are only 4 teams with 4 wins from 4 games and so, the tournament is getting very interesting. I have to single out Dexter Bradbury's win under lights to end the day - what an exciting finish. Congrats to Dex and Dave Dickman.

Tomorrow is obviously another day but the game to watch is between frontrunner Bryce Stewart up against 6th place holder Barry Isaac on 3 wins and a draw.

You've gotta love bowls.

The days results can be viewed here.

Day 1

This time of year is tournament season at Port City and kicking off today was the Prestige Pairs. Fifty teams playing 5 games over three days for $5,400 in prizemoney. Good weather too, if a little cold in the shade, with some great bowls played by some great bowlers. I walked out to deliver a message, turned around and had the privilege to watch Aron Sherriff draw a resting toucher - he probably did it all day. I felt like giving him a couple of tips - but held back because he was doing OK by himself. Come 5 o'clock,  Leigh (who has a good head for radio) Hardingham and Aron did a great Q & A in front of an enthusiastic audience. A great day. Check out Day 1 results here with photos here  (thanks to Brian Smith).


"Dun & Dusted" - another beautiful day of, and for, bowling. As I write this, the 118 bowler participants are mid-meal (sea food - they are currently munching on beautiful barramundi - as you do). The results are in and congratulations to the winners. You can view the winners here and the results for Day 5 are here. Hope to see everyone back in 2016.