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The Bowls Calendar for 2018 is on the notice board in the club. 


Today, (27th September) was the inaugural George & Matilda Eyecare Thursday Open Pairs - thanks George & Matilda for your sponsorship. 22 teams took to the Port City paddocks in beautiful spring weather and battled each other over 4, 12 ends games of 3 bowl pairs. It was very pleasing to see teams (men, mixed and ladies) from clubs throughout our district participating. Congrats to Phil Baker for his organisation.


l/r: Anne (From George & Matilda), Mike Rand & Craig Cooper - our inaugural winners

First place went to Mike Rand and Craig Cooper with 4 wins, a 36 margin and 33 ends - the only side with a 4 from 4 winning streak. John Williams and Rob Cook came in second with 3 wins, 1 draw, a 34 margin and 30 ends. In third place was Agro O'Connell and our own Kylie Hardy with 3 wins, a 34 margin and 30 ends.

The Open Pairs Tournament is now a monthly event and Port City offers an open invitation for next month's event. Click here for the Open Pairs October Entry Form


l/r: Col Marr & Brian Richardson

Congratulations to Col Marr and Brian Richardson who yesterday (Sunday, 23rd Oct) defeated Les Thompson and Rob Jennings, 25 to 14, in very gusty conditions to take out the 2018 Minor Pairs Championship. Congratulations to Col and Brian, our new champions, and commisserations to Les and Rob.


It is a mouthful for a tournament but if the smiles from the ladies was any indication the two days of play was both enjoyable and competitive. Eight games of 8 ends squeezed into 2 days of play and it all came down to the last game to get our winners.

l/r: Julie McKay, Margaret Doyle, Karen McFarlane & Shirley Devine

Well done, Margaret Doyle and team (Julie McKay, Karen McFarlane & Shirley Devine) who won with 6 wins and a margin of 27; just 2 margin points ahead of Barb Barrett's team (Judy Brady, Rhonda Evans & Fay Schollum) and in third spot was the team lead by Carol White, Di Allen, Carol White, Lyn Zahra & Barbara Standen.

A big thanks to our sponsors - Port Macquarie Travel Agency and Vintage House (Wines and Spirits)..



l/r: Greg, Jai & Cody

Congratulations to Greg Keft (skip), Jai Whelan and Cody Griffin, who yesterday (Sunday 16th Sept) were the winners of the Regional BPL final played here at Port CIty. The boys are off to Mount Lewis (in Sydney) for the State playoffs scheduled for next Sunday. We wish the boys all the best.

If you haven't come across it before, BPL stands for Bowls Premier League and is a two bowl triples event consisting of two sets of five ends with a one end tie-breaker if required.


L/R: Debbie Amor and Robin Kean

Congratulations to Debbie Amor and Robin Kean who today (13th September) defeated Robyn Biddle & Robyn Hehir, 19 to 16 to take out the 2018 Women's Major / Minor title.  Congrats to Deb and Robin and commisserations to the runners up.


What a game!!! Who said the new handicap format wouldn't work? This was a hard fought brawl of a game but played in the best spirit.

L/R: Craig Cooper (skip), Mark New (second), Jim Cain (third) & Scott Wholohan (lead)

Congratulations to Craig Cooper's side (Scotty Wholohan, Mark New and Jim Cain) who defeated Greg Keft's side (Paul Webster, Peter Ascott Evans and Don Ramsay) - 15 to 14 on the last end. All players made contributions to the game but the skips, in particular, were impressive throughout the game. Congratulations to our new Fours champions and commisserations to the runners up



Congratulations to Don Ramsay on convincingly winning the 2018 Minor Singles Championship today 25 to 4 over Peter Ascott Evans. Don was on fire from the opening end and never really gave Peter a chance to get into the game. Commisserations to Peter, who played some good bowls but was beaten by a better player on the day. Congratulations again to Don, I doubt few players in the club could have matched him today. 



Faye Schollum,Margaret Doyle and (skip) Margaret Tyree

Congratulations to the 2018 Women's Triples Champions, Faye Schollum,Margaret Doyle and (skip) Margaret Tyree. The girls won the title today (Thursday, 9th August) in a nail biter, 18 to 17 over runners up Helen Carr, Julie McKay and (skip) Beth Schubert. Well done to the new champions and commisserations to the gallant runners up.



l/r: Mitch Wilkins, Richard Trow and Steve Spark.

Congratulations to Steve Spark, Mitch Wilkins and Richard Trow who today (Sunday, 22nd July) took out the 2018 Men's Triples Championship in fine style. The "Boys" defeated Paul Webster, Peter Ascott Evans and Greg Keft 26 to 13. All three played a consistently high standard of bowls on a very fast paddock. Well done to our new champions and commisserations to Greg, Peter and Paul.


l/r Back row: Peter Willis, Mark Husband, Warrick Kempster, Lorraine Palmer (Manager), Paul Webster, Les Scholtz, Mitch Wilkins, Steve Spark

l/r Front Row: Chris Palmer, Luke Waters, Brian Collis, Col Marr and "Wazza" Holten

The Port CIty Grade 7 side, despite winning 2 of the 3 rinks, were runners up in the Pennant final played at North Beach today (21st July) losing to Coffs CEX on the main board 67-59. Congrats to the boys for making it to the Final; commisserations for not getting over the line.

Congratulations to Coffs CEX on the win and we wish them well at State later in the year.



l/r Jeannice Schiemer, Kylie Hardy, Jenny Wallis, Jan Optiz

Congratulations to Jeannice Schiemer, Kylie Hardy, Jenny Wallis & Jan Optiz who today (Thursday, 19th July) won the Women's CLub Fours championships in defeating Florence Hungerford, Julie McKay, Joyce Ebbeck, Beth Schubert 23 to 19. Congratulations to our new champions and commisserations to the runners up.



What a great Kia sponsored Prestige Pairs Tournament.

l/r: Peter Taylor, Ben Robertson (KIA) and Greg Keft

There can be only one winner and there was; only one team finished with 8 games out of 8 - (runner up for 2 years running but no longer) Peter Taylor and Greg Keft - with a margin of 60.

l/r: Jack Lewis, Ben Robertson (KIA) and Callum Murray


Second place went to the "young guns" of Jack Lewis and Callum Murray with 7 wins and a massive 87 margin.

Third place went to Jason Aurisch and Steve Newman with 6 wins, 1 draw and a 26 margin. Fourth placeCraig Donaldson & Greg Brims (6 wins 64 margin) and fifth to Bryce "Pancho" Stewart and John "Jax" Hrabak with 6 wins and a 43 margin.

Congrats to Phil Baker for the organisation and Kylie Hardy for running the event. A big thanks to the Men's Committee for catering and the Club Ltd staff for great support. A very big thank you to KIA Port Macquarie for sponsoring this event yet again.


CALLUM MURRAY - ZONE 14 Champion of Club Champions - SINGLES

The 2018 Zone 14 Champion of Club Champions Singles Final was played between Callum Murray of Port City and Cory Daley of Park Beach on 24thJune at Stuarts Point Bowling Club.

Conditions were perfect for this final.

Scores were close early on and after 8 ends had been played Callum led by 11 shots to 10.

Callum then went to short ends and through a combination of close draw shots and brilliant conversions he completely dominated the rest of the match eventually winning by the impressive scoreline of 31 to 13.

Commiserations to Cory and congratulations to Callum. We wish Callum best of luck in his quest to win a State title in this event.

(this story was lifted directly from the Zone 14 website - our thanks to the Zone)



The Jax Typres sponsored 6s & 7s three day Tournament finished today with playing of the final 2 (of 8) games. Strong, cold winds made the play tricky to say the least.

 L/R: Chris, Gavin & Terry

Congratulations to the boys from Kempesy RSl, Terry Orriss, Gavin Kennedy & Chris Connors who took out the title convincingly with 8 wins, a margin of 115 and winning 81 ends.


Second Place

L/R: Ray Sontar, Andrew Parsons & Chris Brydon (The Entrance)

 Third Place


L/R: Peter Mak, Peter Starkey & Brendan Wrice (Bateau Bay)

Fourth Place

L/R: W Dunne, B Crain & D Crowe

Fifth Place

L/R: Barry Davies, Les Thompson & Kevin Henwood (Port City)


The final results:

Thanks to Phil Baker, ably assisted by Kylie Hardy, for another well run tournament. And a big thanks to Jax Tyres for sponsoring the tournament once again.


The photos above have been cropped and reduced in quality to fit on the page. Should any of the teams wish the hi-res version just email and I will send the photo.




Port City Men's Bowling Club is pleased to welcome a new major Sponsor for 2018

Hanks Optometrists by George & Matilda Eyecare.

We encourage our members to consider Hanks Optometrists when next seeking eye care services.


Day 3 - the wet weather held off, thank goodness. 7 teams finished the tournament with 5 wins. The "big" winner was the team of Rod Madden and Jo Doherty who put together 5 wins with a margin of 75 and 58.5 ends. Well done.

1st Place: Jo Doherty & Rod Madden

2nd Place: Chris Errington & Bruce Anderson

3rd Place: Ellen Evans & Ken Errington

A big thanks to Ron Coombs & Paul Moon at Westport, Bernie Biddle at Hibbard and Phil Baker and Kylie Hardy at Port City for their organisation before and during this tournament.


 No rest for the wicked at Port CIty. The beloved 6s & 7s Two Bowl Triples Tournament starts on Wednesday.



Champions: Lyn Zahra and Faye Schollum

Congratulations to the 2018 Women's Pairs Champions, Lyn Zahra and Faye Schollum.

Runners up: Beth Schubert and Lois Bischell

Lyn & Faye defeated Beth Schubert and Lois Bischell, 14 - 12 today (5th June) in a very close match. Congrats again to our new champions and commisserations to our gallant runners up.


The wee lad has grown up.

In the Zone 14, 2018 Champion of Club Champion Singles Callum Murray continues a great year reaching the final. In the quarter final Callum defeated J. Steel (MKS) 31 – 30 and in the semi final defeated P. Taylor (WP) 31 – 23. He meets Corey Daily (PB) in the final at Stuarts Point on June 24th. Well done mate and good luck on the 24th.


The Port Macquarie Mixed Pairs commence this Friday (8th June) with 46 teams rotating through 3 venues, Hibbard, Westport and PortCity over 3 days. Worht a look if you are in town.


Results for our Port City Men's sides (Saturday 2nd June).

Gr 1 Vs  PB      W 9 - 1

Gr 2 Vs  KPY    W 9 - 1

Gr 3 Vs  NH     W 9 - 1 

Gr 4 Vs  KH      L 0 - 10 

Gr 5 Vs  WAU    L 0 - 10

Gr 6 Vs  COM    L 1.5 – 8.5 

Gr 7 Vs  BYE      

For all the results across the Zone click here



A big day for the ladies with the running of the 2018 Out of Hat Triples - two greens no less.  A good turnout, great bowling and, from the look of the tables, a great lunch to boot.


Winners - L/R: Val Bott (2nd) Shirley Devine (Sk) Pat Morrison (L)

Runners Up - L/R: June Edwards (2nd) Kylie Hardy (Sk) Maree Godson 

Third Place - L/R: Margaret Halliday (L) Lynne Robinson (2nd) Lorraine Palmer (Sk)


Fourth Place - L/R: Lorraine Conroy (L) Joy Barry (2nd) Margaret Doyle (Sk)


Results for our Port City Men's sides (Saturday 26th May)

Gr 1 Vs  TUN    L 1 - 9 

Gr 2 Vs  KH      L 1 - 9

Gr 3 Vs  PP       L .5 – 9.5 

Gr 4 Vs  LC       W 10 - 0 

Gr 5 Vs  SWR    L 1 - 9

Gr 6 Vs  LC       L 2 – 8 

Gr 7 Vs  KPY     W 8 -2 

For all the results across the Zone click here



The final day of any tournament can be so cruel, especially when the teams with no chance of getting in the money become roadblocks for those who hoped they could. Well, so it was for a number of the well placed contenders after Day 2. However, the 2018 Handicap Triples winning team of Peter Gunn, Russell Carkeek & Terry Hill would have none of that nonsense and went on to grab the loot with 7 wins and a draw out of the 8 games, just ahead of Steve Newman, Jake Reid and Dan Curnow with 7 wins. Well done to both sides.

1st Place

Terry Hill, Russell Carkeek & Peter Gunn

2nd Place

Steve Newman, Jake Reid & Dan Curnow

3rd Place

Grant Bailey, John Ellison & Colin (the Great Man) Halls

4th Place

Warren Gooley, Richard Lee & Sean Mearrick

5th Place

Charlie Buchanan, Mike CUmmings & Graham McKay

A big congrats to Phil Baker, our bowls organiser, and Kylie Hardy his able assistant who not only organised great weather but did the hard yards in every other organisational department. Phil loses points though for photo-bombing most of the photos above.

Day 3 - Final Results Table


The photos above have been reduced in quality to be uploaded to this website. Should anyone wish a high res copy of any of the placegetters photos please email a request to before the end of May 2018.


Results for Round 3

Gr 1 Vs Kew Lost (no score provided)

Gr 2 Vs Sawtell Won (9 - 1)

Gr 3 Vs North Haven Lost (4.5 - 5.5)

So close for the 3's. 63 a piece for the aggregrate but 2 rinks to 1 to NH and 32 to 31 ends to PC. Ahhh!!! so close.

Gr 4 Vs Crescent Head Lost (1 - 9)

Gr 5 Vs North Haven Lost (1 - 9)

Gr 6 Vs Kew Lost (1.5 - 8.5)

Gr 7 Vs Stuarts Point Won (10 - 0)

For all the results across the Zone click here

The rumour, the club is looking for good foster homes for our selectors, is currently unfounded.




Matt Carter and John Hrabak - our 2018 Major Pairs Champions

Congratulations to Matt Carter and John Hrabak who today (Sunday 29th April) won the Men's Major Pairs Final in fine style. The slow paddock and the occasional downpour didn't phase them at all as they won 26 to 16 over Matty Bayes and Richard Trow. Don't get me wrong, Matty and Richard played some great bowls but Matt & John had an answer for everything they threw at them.

Major Pairs finalists and runners up - Mattey Bayes and Richard Trow.

Thanks to Phil Baker for the photos and Phil and Leigh Hardingham for live streaming the game over FaceBook. Great job boys.



The Men's Pennant Season kicked off on Saturday (28th April) with Port City fielding sides in all grades 1 through 7.

The 1's lost to Park Beach

The 2's lost to Kempsey RSL

The 3's defeated Lake Cathie

The 4's lost to Kenpsey Heights

The 5's lost to Wauchope

The 6's lost to Comboyne

and the 7/1's had a bye.

Not our greatest start to a season, but there are still 9 rounds left to go.

For all the results across the Zone click here


Congratulations to Callum Murrary who yesterday (Sunday, 23rd April) won the Zone 14 Singles Championship defeating P Southam (Park Beach) 31 to 25. A great effort by Callum. He will need to get a bigger trophy room at home.

Commisserations to Port City's Triples side (Phil Baker, Craig Donaldson & Callum Murray) who went down to Cameron Wills, Harley Kirkland and Kent Price (Park Beach) 18 to 22 in the final of the Zone 14 Triples. It was a greclosely fought match played in great spirit. (a report on the match can be found on the Zone Website).



Last year's singles runner up, Judy Brady, went that one step further today (Tuesday 17th April) in taking out the 2018 Port City Women's Major Singles Championship over Barbara Standen 25 to 6. Congratulations to Judy on her win and commisserations to Barbara.



Callum's picture was provided by Kylie Hardy. Thanks Kylz.

Congratulations to Callum Murray who today (Sunday, 8th April) won the Port City Men's Major Singles Championship (for the second year running) over Bruce Anderson (for the second year running) 31 to 27. A great contest between these two and a great game to watch -  nip and tuck down to and including the last end. Congratulations to Callum and commisserations to Bruce.

Congratulations also to the team who provided the livestream broadcast on FaceBook (, in particular Chris Palmer who provided the commentary and Kylie Hardy who did a great job with the camera. The live streaming of our big events was introduced by Allysha Webber, PortCity's Promotions Manager and inhouse digital and media guru. Allysha showed Phil Baker the technique and live streaming is now exciting addition to the technology currently being offered by the Men's club to our members and the wider bowling community. 


Congrats to everyone on a Great Carnival long weekend. Phil, Kylie (our organisers), club staff, visitors/supporters and of course the players.

Today (Monday) was the 3 game Men's Pairs. It was only fitting that only 3 teams had 3 wins and shared the money.

The Winners

T Orriss & C Donaldson

Runners Up

B Turton & C Cooper


C Young & J Wilson

and the Scoreboard...


An even better day weatherwise for Day 2 of the Easter Carnival at Port CIty for teams playing in the Mixed 2 Bowl Triples. % teams with 3 wins but the top 3 were...

The Winners

B Roach, B Oliver, E Oliver.

Runners Up

C Buchanan, Lyn Zahra & G Ball


C Errington, B Anderson & K Hardy

and the Scoreboard...



A beautiful day, if a little hot, at Port City for the opening of the Easter Carnival for the 24 teams playing in the Womens 2 Bowl Triples. 6 Teams were 2 game winners but it all came down to ends won.

The winners...

J McKay, B Schubert and L Bishell with 2 wins, 26 ends and a margin of 41.

Runners up...

J Wallis, R Evans and R Hehir with 2 wins, 23 ends and a margin of 20

and Third place to ...

J Scholz, J KNight and L Palmer with 2 wins, 20 ends and a margin of 14.

and the Scoreboard...


Callum Murrary, Zone 14 Open Singles Sectional winner of the State Singles.

It has been a busy 2 weeks with the lead up to the Zone 14 sectional finals of the State singles and pairs. PortCity hosted the Open Singles leg and congratulations go to young Callum Murray who today took out the Sectional final in an all PortCity match defeating Craig Donaldson 31 to 26. Well done Callum.

Easter mixed carnival March 31st – April 2nd. Entry forms are at the kiosk. Saturday ladies triples, Sunday mixed triple and Monday men’s pairs.

2018 Mayor’s Sporting Fund Bowls Day at Port City Friday March 23rd. Team of 4 costa $120. There will be a free BBQ at noon with complimentary drink and bowls at 1pm.The event is supported by PM – H Council, Triple M & Hit FM, Prime 7 , PM New & Express, Wauchope Sports & Trophies.

To register visit fundbowlsday



January was a lean month but February is shaping up as a great start with 3 additions to our Achievements board.

First Off Congratulations to Faye Schollum and Lyn Zahra who took out the Hastings Haven District Women's Open Pairs on February 8 winning the final 23 to 11 against North Haven on their home paddock.


Not to be outdone, Beth Schubert and Julie McKay took out the District Women’s Senior Pairs same day, same paddock but against Westport 23 to 16.


Not to be outdone, Craig Donaldson, Callum Murray and Phil Baker took out the Zone 14 Southern Section Triples final at Westport last Sunday (18th February) against the odds on favourites, Greg Brims, Peter Stockham and Peter Taylor from Westport with a 23 to 12 win. According to Phil, he and Callum played well but Craig had some outstanding conversions. They face off against Park Beach (the Northern Section winners) - don't know when as yet, but I reliably informed it will be this year ;)



The Men's Major Singles is in full swing... well, the second round has been completed. Results are up on the Club noticeboard.


State Fours (Southern Section) Final

In the State Fours (Zone 14 Southern Section) Port City (Callum Murray, Craig Donaldson, Phil Baker and Greg Keft) went down 17 to 26 last Saturday (3rd February) against Westport. Congratulations to the Westport side of Col Baldwin, Peter Stockham, Greg Brims and Peter Taylor. We wish them well in the Zone 14 Sectional Final in April.



About 60 bowlers turned up for a game and then the presentation of trophies and awards. Nibblies and an open bar meant added a extra sweetener to the afternoon. The usual suspects (and a few outsiders won trophies) but the awards were a little different and all were accepted in good grace and a lot of laughter.

* (w) winner, (r) runner up)


Major Singles: (w) Callum Murray (r) Bruce Anderson

Minor Singles: (w) Steve Matheson (r) Paul Webster

Major Pairs: (w) Greg Brims & Danny Barrett (r) Callum Murray &  Bryce Stewart

Major/Minor Pairs: (w) Phil Baker & Don Ramsay (r) Mark Parry & Paul Webster

Mixed Pairs: (w) Phil Baker & Kylie Hardy  (r) Greg Brims & Barbara Standen

70s & Over Pairs: (w) Ian Binder & Tommy Smith (r) J Iacono & B Davies

Major Triples: (w) Ken Paulsen, Richard Trow & Phil Baker (r) D Barrett, Greg Keft & Greg Brims

Major Fours: (w) Danny Barrett, Greg Brims, Ken Paulsen & Greg Keft (r) Callum Murray, Bryce Stewart, Jack Lewis & John Hrabak

Mixed Fours: not contested

Player of the Year: (w) Greg Brims


Presidents Award: Bob Kemp

Terry Schollum's Clubman of the Year: Ken Paulsen

Club Sponsor Award: John Hrabak

Stylish Bowler of the Year: Julian Duczynski

Throw your Hat on the Ground and Stomp on it Award: Barry Smith

Charitable Work Award: Terry "Rivers" Murray

Wicky Wicks Award: Ron Apps

Innovative Delivery: Mick Hayes

Grumble Bum Award: Trevor Scholz

Have a Chat Award: Mark "Conehead" Husband

Punctuality Award: Peter Gunn

Too lazy to upload the photos but you can check them out on the centre TV in the Bowlers Lounge - if you are quick.

Yes, It was a great afternoon.


l/r: Helen Carr and Robyn Keen

Congratulations to Robyn Carr and Robyn Keen, who last Tuesday (5th December) won the Women's Minor Pairs Championship defeating Brenda Burge and Kerry Bolsover, 20 to 17. Well done and congratulations girls; commisserations to the gallant runners up.


l/r: D Smith, J Knight, J Hrabak, S Smith – Port City

16 teams, fair skies and great bowls saw the 2017 Encouragement Day Trophy go to Port City's team of Di Smith, Jill Knight,  Jane Hrabak and Sue Smith. Sorry I can't provide the results sheet (wasn't sent) but the runners up were from Urunga: R Adams, H Hoffman, L Carlon and R Hancock. Third from Wingham, I Rothe, J Duncan, M Hollbone, C Willey and fourth place went to Port City's K Stewart, R Armstrong, J Opitz K Hardy.


Congratulations to Kylie Hardy and Phil Baker who yesterday (Sunday 12th Nov) defeated Barbara Standen and Greg Brims 23 to 16 to win the Mixed Pairs Championship. Kylie and Phil won the Mixed Pairs last year. As nobody supplied a photo for this year we are using last year's. 

Congrats again to Kylie and Phil and commisserations to Barbara and Greg.



Jill Curtis (2017 Women's Minor Singles Champion)

Congratulations to Jill Curtis in winning the 2017 Women's Minor Singles Championship yesterday (2nd November) over Di Smith, 25 to 2. Well done Jill and commisserations to Di.


Congrats to Bryce, Callum and Jack - Runners up in the NSW STate Triples Championships

They may not have won the final against Belrose (they went down 13 - 25) but they

a) certainly gave a great performance throughout the tournament

b) raised Port City's image as a bowling club.

How to tournament progressed is below in reverse chronological order.

Bryce Stewart , Callum Murray & Jack Lewis have made it to the final of the NSW State Triples after beating Tuncurry Beach.

Down 14 - 21 earlier, the boys played back into the match to take the game 23-22 in an extra end.

Well done fellas. They now take on Belrose in the final this afternoon. (Tuesday 24th Oct.)


Jack Lewis, Callum & Bryce Stewart are flying the Port Macquarie (and Zone 14) flag at the NSW State Triples being played at Ettalong BC starting today (October 23rd).


L/R: Jack, Callum & Bryce (photo courtesy Leigh Hardingham)

The boys got off to a flying start this morning defeating Beresford (Zone 2) 24 to 15 in the qualifying round. In the quarter finals they defeated Ettalong Memorial BC (Zone 15) 20 to 16. 

Tomorrow, in the semis no less, they face up against Turncurry Beach (Zone 11).... and of course, we wish them all the best.



The semis and final of the Men's Major-Minor Pairs was played today (Saturday 21st October). Rain throughout the night and a cool breeze provided a challenging backdrop for some excellent bowls. A late start with the morning semis saw Phil Baker and Don Ramsay defeat Jack Lewis & Paul Jacobson and Mark Parry & Paul Webster defeat Greg Brims & Chris Thornton.

Both winning sides were playing well in the morning but it was to be Don and Phil who handled the changing conditions in the afternoon and go on and play better bowls to take the championship 21 to 10. 

L/R: Phil Baker and Don Ramsay (Thanks to Leigh Hardingham for the photo)

Congratulations to Phil and Don on their decisive win and commisserations to Mark and Paul.


l/r: Judy Brady & Eleanor Russell

Thursday last (19th October) saw the final of the Women's 2017 Consistence Championship. Congratulations to Judy Brady who with 150 to 139 edged out Eleanor Russell to take the title. Congratulations Judy and commisserations to Eleanor.



l/r: Lynne Robertson and Beth Schubert

Congratulations to Lynne Robertson and Beth Schubert who today (Thursday 29th September) won the Major Minor Pairs Championship with a 21 to 11 win over a gallant Robin Keane And Robyn Hehir. Congratulations to the winners and commisserations to the runners up.




l/r: Barry SMith & Ken Lipscombe

Congratulations to our new Men's Minor Pairs Champions, Ken Lipscombe and Barry Smith who today defeated Mark Husband and Col Marr 19 to 10. Col and Mark won through to the finals with a big win on Friday last, over bookies' favourites Chris Thornton and Steve Matheson. They faced a big task to back up two days later against the experienced Barry & Ken in the final. They played well in the very warm and tricky conditions. However, Ken and Barry were too strong and took the title reasonably comfortably. Congrats to our new champions Ken & Barry - well done boys - and commisserations to the runners up.



The Versatility Fives tournament drew to a close this afternoon. Yesterday's leaders didn't falter but they were put under a lot of pressure by Lynne Thompson's side who despite having 7 wins from 8 games came in second. The winning side of E. Layton, M. Tyree, E. Ramsay, S. Smith and M. Walsh had 6 wins from 8 games but better margins and ends - and in Versatility 5's, it is all about the points. Congratulations to the winners, placegetters and all the teams who participated and made the two days so memorable.


It was a big "long" weekend at the club with Port City (and Westport) hosting the 2017 NSW State Interzone Championships. In short, each of the 16 Zones in the state send their best team to battle it out.

There can only be one winner and this year it was Zone 12 (Sydney South West/St John's Park area) victorious over Zone 13 (Taren Point, Sydney) in the Monday morning final.

The Zone 14 side played well but were, unfortunately, not in the money. 

The out of town competition continues with the CHS Championships hosted at Port City during this week. It is well worth a trip to the club just to see these young players "strutting" their stuff. Oh, to be young again....



Congratulations to Lynne Thompson who yesterday (23rd August) won the Regional Singles Championship in Taree. She won her semi 25 to 22 over Sue Boddington then won the final 25 to 19 over D Gleeson.

What a great achievement.

Lynne is now off to State later in the year and, of course, we wish her all the best.




L/R: Jeanice Schiemer, Kylie Hardy & Rhonda Evans

Congratulations to Jeanice Schiemer (skip), Kylie Hardy (second) and Rhonda Evans (lead) who are now the 2017 Port City Women's Triples Champions. They won a close fought final, 18 to 17, against Shirley Devine, Lyn Zahra and Debbie Amor on Tuesday (22nd August).

Congratulations to our new champions and commisserations to the runners up.



Saturday & Sunday (19th & 20th August) saw the running of the Zone 14 Champion of Club Champion Singles event at host club Hibbard. Under very cold and blustery conditions Port City's Callum Murray took the title 31 to 19 over Craig Howard from Kempsey Heights. The win continues Callum's successful representative year  having previously won the Zone Triples Championship with teammates Bryce Stewart and Jack Lewis.

Callum now heads off to Kiama in late November to contest the State Finals of the event and we wish him the very best in that endeavour.

The draw below charts Callum's "path to victory".


L/R: Karen MacFarlane, Judy Brady, Barb, Barrett, Deb Amor,

Lynne Thompson, Jeanice Schiemer, Kylie Hardy & Faye Schollum

What an amazing performance by our Women's Grade 1 side at the State Pennant play offs. They finished second to Cabramatta in their section with 3 wins  (14.5 points out of a possible 20) from 4 games losing to Cabramatta, the 2016 champions, in the first game. Cabramatta won their last sectional game and progress through to the finals to be played this afternoon (Thursday 17th Aug). Our girls come home having done our club proud.

Not taking away from the great performance of Debbie Amor's team but mentiuon should be made of Lynne Thompson's team (Kylie, Jeanice, Faye and Lynne) who went through undefeated in their 4 games (an 18 all draw in the first).


When Opposition End For Against PC Points
Tues am Cabramatta finish 26 49 .5
Tues pm Bomaderry finish  42  35
Wed am Bye  x  x  x  x
Wed pm Adaminaby  finish  62  20  5
Thurs am Avoca Beach  finish  44  38  5



It was not the start either side wanted coming out of day one, game one. The One's went down 43 to 74 against Maitland City at Cabra  Vale. Maitland jumped to a big lead early on and it  was hard work from then on to hold then catch them. 

The Two's went down to Temora 53 to 57 at Wagga. Our side was in it right up to the last end with the lead exchanging hands regularly throughout the game.

Day 2 and both sides came out hungry and won their second games comfortably. The 1's defeated Kingscliff Beach 67 to 50 and the 2's smashed Condong 87 to 42. The remaining match for both grades are against Warilla for the 1's and Parkes for the 2's. Progression depends both on how we perform and how the undefeated teams handle the pressure. 


The Port City pennant season is officially over. Neither the One's nor the Twos will progress to the finals. The One's finished with 1 win and 2 losses. The Two's finished with 2 wins and a very narrow loss.


The boys at both venues played well over the two days, gained experience and did the Club proud.

Sectional Game 3 Sectional Game 3
Grade 1 Round 3
Port City  Vs Warilla
End # 63



Grade 2 Round 2
Port City  Vs Parkes
End #  63




Next weekend is a big one for Port City Club with the Men's Grade 1 and Grade 2 sides off to play in the State Pennant finals for their respective grades.

The 1's are off to Sydney, St John's Park and Cabra-Vale Diggers to be exact. On Friday afternoon next (Aug 4), they play off against Maitland City in the first of 3 sectional games. On Saturday they play Kingscliff Beach and in the afternoon they battle Warilla.

The 2's head off to balmy Wagga for their shot at a flag. Their schedule is the same as the 1's. In their first sectional game they play Temora, then Condong and finally Parkes.

The semis and finals are to be played on the Sunday.

The Club wishes both sides a fair share of the luck and all our best.

Our Women's Grade 1 Pennant side is also off to State (played at the Central coast) the following week. Hopefully I will have their draw the week before and can share it here.


Stuart's Point BC is holding the Zone finals this weekend. Port City is represented in 4 of those finals.

The Open Pairs - Greg Brims and Danny Barrett Vs Patk Beach

The Open Fours - Paul Jacobson, Greg Keft, Phil Baker and Bruce Anderson Vs Park Beach

The Open Triples - Bryce Stewart, Callum Murray, Jack Lewis Vs Park Beach

The Open Singles -  Jack Lewis Vs Corey Daley (PB)

We congratulate the boys on getting through to the finals and wish them all the best this weekend.

Results: It would appear the Open Pairs didn't happen. Danny Barrett missed the start.

Reliable sources tell me he must have had a good reason because the match has been rescheduled. Our Fours went down to Park Beach on Saturday afternoon 24 to 18.

 Sunday Morning Results:

Congrats to Bryce Stewart, Callum Murray, Jack Lewis who this morning (20th July) defeated Park Beach 29 to 9 to win the Zone 14 Open Triples Championship at Stuarts Point. Well done boys.



Joyce Ebbeck, Florence Hungerford and Noelene Clarkson

Congratulations to Joyce Ebbeck, Florence Hungerford and Noelene Clarkson who won the Handicap Triples on Tuesday (25th July). Well done girls.



Congratulations to Callum Murray on his 31 to 25 win yesterday (Sunday, 23rd July) over Bruce Anderson to win the 2017 Men's Major Singles final and title. The boys played 37 ends (inclusive of 3 Bruce killed) on a quick and inconsistent paddock. On end count Bruce won 19 to Callum's 15 but it was Callum's consistency and new found maturity under pressure that saw him through to his first major singles title and the delight of the large crowd. Bruce's fighting comeback late in the game and his sportsmanship throughout the match did him credit.


2017 MEN's AGM Long Term Members

Ross Towers (40 years) Ken Lipscombe (25 years) Neville Schwartz (25 years) Bob Langham (30 years)

Ross, Ken, Nev and Bob were presented with "long term membership" certificates at the Men's AGM on Saturday (22nd July) - a collective 120 years of membership - well done boys.



L/R Joyce, Barbara, Eva and Florence

In a tight match yesterday (Thursday, 20th July), Joyce Ebbeck (Skip), Barbara Owens (Third), Eva Layton (Second) and Florence Hungerford (Lead) defeated Margaret Tyres (Skip), Norma Schwartz (Third), Robyn Kean (Second) and Evelyn Ramsay (Lead), 20 to 19 to win the Women's 2017 Fours Championship.  Congratulations to the winners and commisserations to the runners up.


Jack Lewis won the Southern Section of the NSW State Singles Championships today (16th July) with a 31 to 13 win over Greg Brims. In an all Port City Semi Final, Jack defeated Phil Baker, whilst Greg defeated Bruce Anderson to determine the final's matchup. Congratulations to Jack. We wish him all the best in his future State Singles matches.



It just wasn't to be for Mark Parry and Steve Clancy. They went into the final day's play with 6 wins from 6 games. They won their first game in the morning - 7 from 7. Unfortunately Pancho and the Squid gave them their first defeat in Game 8.

Graham O'Donnell (Port Kia Sales Manager), Phil Baker and John Hrabak

Anxiously waiting in the wings were Phil Baker and John Hrabak who took the 2017 Prestige Pairs with 7 wins plus a draw. Well done boys.

The Progressive results are below. Congrats to Phil, the Men's Committee, the Club staff and volunteers and all the players - it was a great tournament.



Congratulations to Keith Ashdown (lead) and Barbara Standen (skip) who were Runner-ups in the Region 2 NSW Mixed Pairs on Sunday 25th June 2017. Well done..



Phil, Geoff Lehman, Ron, Vicki Lehman and Darrel

Congratulations to Geoff and Vicki Lehman (from Port Lincoln, SA) who today (Sunday 25th June) took out the Port Macquarie Mixed Pairs Tournment with 5 wins, a margin of 81 and 59 ends. Second place went to Port City's own dynamic duo of Steve Matheson and Shirley Devine who finished with 5 wins, a margin of 69 and 58 ends. By all accounts it was a very successful tournament in no small amount due to the behind the scene efforts<